Source code for epipack.plottools

Some helper plot functions based on matplotlib.
These are just some code snippets that I use
regularly and not supposed to be of great merit otherwise.

Install matplotlib and bfmplot to use this module

.. code::


import matplotlib.pyplot as pl
import matplotlib as mpl

import numpy as np

from epipack.colors import hex_colors, palettes

colors = [hex_colors[c] for c in  palettes['dark']]
mpl.rcParams['axes.prop_cycle'] = mpl.cycler(color=colors)

[docs]def strip_axis(ax,horizontal='right'): """Remove the right and the top axis""" if horizontal == 'right': anti_horizontal = 'left' else: anti_horizontal = 'right' ax.yaxis.set_label_position("right") ax.spines[horizontal].set_visible(False) ax.spines['top'].set_visible(False) ax.yaxis.set_ticks_position(anti_horizontal) ax.xaxis.set_ticks_position('bottom')
[docs]def plot(t,result,ax=None, curve_label_format='{}',figsize=None): """ Plot an epipack result. Parameters ========== t : numpy.ndarray Sampling times. result : dict Mapping compartments to incidence time series. ax : matplotlib.axis.Axis, default = None The axis on which to plot curve_label_format : str, default = '{}' How to display a curve label figsize : tuple, default = None A tuple containing width and height of the figure that's produced Returns ======= ax : matplotlib.axis.Axis The axis on which results were drawn """ if ax is None: fig, ax = pl.subplots(1,1,figsize=figsize) _res = list(result.values())[0] N = np.zeros_like(_res) for C, timeseries in result.items(): ax.plot(t, timeseries, label=curve_label_format.format(str(C))) N += timeseries strip_axis(ax) ax.set_xlim([t.min(), t.max()]) ax.set_ylim([0,N.max()]) ax.set_xlabel('time') ax.set_ylabel('frequency') ax.get_figure().tight_layout() return ax